New System FAQ


This is a temporary FAQ to help users during the Project Outcome website & tools transition period (May 2017). For more, visit our standard FAQ


Why is Project Outcome’s Survey Portal changing?

Because you, our participating libraries, asked for it. Since the inception of, the program’s administrators have continually gathered and evaluated feedback from our users. That feedback told us that libraries wanted greater flexibility in the scheduling and design of surveys, and greater control when entering survey data. As a result, PLA decided to build its own custom survey tool designed to meet the needs of our users.

What new features will the system offer?

  • Feature the program’s name in the survey title
  • Insert library or program logo
  • Include introductory text to help patrons complete the survey 
  • Include footer text for ‘thank you’ messages or grant bylines
  • Add up to three questions to any standardized survey
    • The Project Outcome questions will remain un-editable, but libraries have the option to add from a pre-determined list or write their own open-ended questions
  • Easily manage and edit surveys at any time
  • See who else in the library is managing surveys
  • Create copies of surveys and fix data entry errors
  • Create templates for use by member libraries (for Groups and States)
  • Access data and build custom reports at any time

When can I begin scheduling new surveys in the new system?

Libraries will be able to start scheduling new surveys on May 1. Beginning May 1, the new survey and report builder tools will be available, and libraries will be able to access their data and reports from any new surveys. You are discouraged from scheduling new surveys before May 1. However, libraries will may download the paper surveys now and enter responses after May 1. 

What is the cut-off date for entering survey data into the old system?

All survey data must be entered in the old system by midnight Central Time on Sunday, April 30. 

I’ve scheduled a survey beyond the cut-off date of April 30. How should I proceed?

If you have scheduled surveys and programs past the April 30 cut-off date, please log into and change the survey’s end date by taking the following steps:

  • Step 1: Enter the Survey Portal
  • Step 2: Choose the survey you want to edit in the survey selection dropdown menu
  • Step 3: Click the "Enter paper responses" link to find your list of programs
  • Step 4: Delete all programs scheduled past April 30
  • Step 5: Go back to the My Impact dashboard & click the “Extend survey dates” link in the Fielding Dates section
  • Step 6: Change the “End date” to April 30, 2017 or earlier
  • Step 7: Click “I’M DONE”
  • Step 8: Enter all responses by April 30. If your survey end date is April 30, the system gives an additional 7 days for entry of paper responses, which gives you until May 7 to enter paper survey responses.

I’ve scheduled a survey to begin after April 30. How should I proceed?

If you have scheduled a future survey to begin after April 30, you will need to reschedule that survey in the new survey tool. You will be able to start scheduling surveys on May 1. 

What happened to my old data?

All historical data will be retained, but will not be accessible for approximately 3-6 weeks following the May 1 launch date. During this transition period, libraries will still be able to access their old data by signing into You can sign in with your Project Outcome account email address, but you may need to create a new password since Project Outcome will no longer be linking its users directly to after May 1. 

How do I access old reports or raw data?

During the transition period following the May 1 launch, old reports and raw data will be accessible through your account at After the transition is complete, your old data will be available in the survey and data dashboard tools. 

When will the data dashboards be back up and fully operational?

Beginning May 1, the report builder tool will be available on the data dashboard but the rest of the dashboard views will be inaccessible. Approximately 3-6 weeks after the May 1 launch, the transfer of historical data will be complete, and the data dashboard will be fully accessible. Improvements coming to the data dashboard include enhanced dashboard views, printing and overall functionality.

Will my historical reports transfer over to the new system?

Yes, all historical data will be transferred over and available in .CSV raw data format. The PDF Summary Reports will not be transferred to or archived in the new system, but libraries will be able to create new PDF Summary Reports for any old datasets through the data dashboard’s report builder tool.

Will steps be taken to ensure the secure transfer of data?

Yes, absolutely. We will be following data security best practices to ensure your survey data is kept as safe as possible.

Will I still have access to Impact Survey’s Patron Technology Use surveys?

Project Outcome will not continue to pay for any new Impact Survey subscriptions once the old Survey Portal closes. Libraries that want to run the Impact Survey Patron Technology Use survey will have access to the survey until their Impact Survey subscription expires. Libraries that ran the Impact Survey Patron Technology Use survey will have access to their data and reports for up to 2 years after completing the survey. They can access the data and reports by signing into and check their subscription status in Account Settings. Libraries will be able to sign in with their Project Outcome account email address, but they may need to create a new password since Project Outcome will no longer be linking its users directly to after May 1.